Conference Objective
The 6th Annual Alternative Energy NOW Conference is hosted and sponsored by Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC).  This conference is designed to provide an open forum that promotes and facilitates technical information exchange among industrial, academic, financial, and military personnel as related to proven and emerging advanced alternative energy topics.  Moreover, this conference seeks to leverage participants’ knowledge of actual installations and case studies through the sharing of experiences, metrics, results, recommendations and lessons learned. 

Conference Layout
This year, more networking and open discussion periods will be offered to allow the participants maximum time to spend with other attendees and cross-share information that will hopefully result in future relationships and teaming opportunities for multiple parties.  We will also be offering an Exhibitor Center that will offer participating companies and individuals the opportunity to showcase their technology or theories via full-size or table-top displays, posters, and networking circles.  If you are interested in presenting, exhibiting, submitting a poster, or participating in a planned networking circle, please see the below respective information sections to learn more.

Potential Topics for Sessions Include (examples only; not limited to stated topics)
Advanced Electric Vehicles
Advanced Hydrogen Alternative Energy
Alternative Fuels
Alternative Power and Energy Approaches (including equipment)
Commercial/Industrial and International Initiatives
Cultural Change Impacts and Approaches
Current and Future Alternatives
Energy Security
Energy Storage
Energy Tracking Systems
Highly Efficient Energy Storage
Intelligent Microgrids
Legal and Regulatory
Ocean Energy
Operational Considerations
Shale Gas Exploration and End Use
Small Scale Nuclear Energy
Solar and Wind Technologies
Waste-to-Energy Technologies and Methodologies

Calling All Presenters…
If you are interested in submitting an abstract to be considered for presentation, please use the 6th Annual Alternative Energy NOW Abstract Collection Tool. The abstracts deadline is January 30, 2012. Authors will be notified by February 10, 2012 on the status of their abstract. If your abstract is selected, presentations will be due by February 28, 2012. Papers are also welcomed, but not necessary.

Please Note: Foreign nationals may be in attendance at the conference and the intention is to distribute the proceedings publicly. In order to stimulate discussion and the sharing of information, we ask that you do not include any proprietary information or information that may be restricted by the U.S. International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) or U.S. Export Administration Regulations in your abstract, presentation or discussion. In addition, your presentation will be included in the conference proceedings after the conference.

Site Information
The 6th Annual Alternative Energy NOW Conference will be held on-site at the Shades of Green Resort. The Shades of Green Resort is a Government facility; therefore, proper identification will be required to gain entrance (please have at least one form of photo identification).

No on-site registrations will be accepted.

Payment Information
Conference fees will appear on your credit card bill as Concurrent Technologies Corporation.